In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Tasting my Decadence Stout Line

I cracked open my homebrew stout last night with a few friends, in the midst of a heat-deprived house.

A decadent glass of homebrew

It’s gotten marginally better even after only 3 weeks in the bottle. Some of the oily astringency is gone now, and there’s only a few hints left – I’m told that will go away after aging for a little bit longer. It also pours a great head now, two fingers thick and cinnamon in color. The mouthfeel is fuller than three weeks ago, too.

My plan is to keep the majority of the 31 beers I originally bottled over the year and try them again in the colder months, maybe September or October of 2011. This will total 7-8 months of aging – patience is a virtue.

I also finished my growler of Sinful yesterday with those friends. This was a good idea, since I’d opened the growler two weeks ago and exposed it to oxygen already. It still tasted fine, but the beer didn’t age nearly as well as Decadence. Note to self: just like eggs and baskets, don’t put all your beer in one growler.

Candy Shop will wait as a result of this Sinful experience. I know that butterscotch is a risky flavor additive, so I’d rather it be the best age possible before releasing it to the hounds.


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