In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Lagunitas Cappucino Stout

I had a glass of Cappuccino Stout the other day from Lagunitas while I was checking out the local music scene in Cambridge. I also had two of my beer-loving friends try it, and they had the same reaction as me: this isn’t right, it’s not a stout. At least not what I thought was a stout.

Maybe I need to redefine my internal style guide. “Stout” for me is a thick, malty beer with notes of coffee, cream, or chocolate. It pours dark with little to no light passage, a creamy head that leaves lots of trace foam, and finishes sweet and dry.

The cappuccino stout surprised me because a) it drank thinner and poured lighter than other stouts, even for it’s 8.0ABV, b) it finished kind of green and hop-ish, and c) there were a lot of different flavors and aromas happening, but not one dominating. BA rates it well within the “American Double/Imperial Stout” style, and especially since I had it on draft, I expected it to knock me over more.

Maybe I just have some more learning to do in order to appreciate all areas of a style. Nothing to do but practice, I guess!


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