In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Canned Beer Followup

Following up on some comments I made a few weeks ago about craft beers in cans, I’ve seen a lot of recent press about new breweries getting in on the canned craft craze. Just ask the Boston Globe. But knowing that mainstream news media is usually extremely late on most things I want to know about, I did some deeper digging.

The “craft can revolution” seems to date back to 2008-ish. There are currently “364 beers from 134 different breweries”  in cans according to That’s a great site, that has info on the beer, locations, and pictures. It also has a tiny news blog about craft can things, which is also interesting. 364 cans!? That’s an absurdly huge number, especially considering I thought there was only one or two. A new beerventure awaits me, I guess.


So many cans, so little time...

I’m going to look into what kind of craft cans I can get around MA. Bad news is most of them are around the West Coast and Colorado. Good news is I’m travelling to Boulder next week. That’s right, you suckas are jealous.

I’ve been very beer-busy lately, and have a lot to catch up about on the blog tonight and tomorrow. This includes tasting my Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, tapping my first kegs, baking homebrew-bread, and more reviews that I’ve collected over the weekend including a Belgian Trippel. Keep posted for more homebrewed adventures.


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