In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

It’s Beer… in Space!

Article came out today from MSNBC about a new beer that can be safely consumed in space. Basically, you can’t consume regular beer in space because of burping. When you burp, you get to use gravity to separate the delicious beer from the gassy CO2 in your stomach, purging it upward and outward into some poor bastard’s face. But in space, gravity is pretty much non-existent… so the end result would be messy and regurgitating-y.

But what would it do to monkeys? We should experiment. Also, I wanted an excuse to use this picture of a drunk space monkey.

But a collaboration of  Australian 4-Pines Brewing Co. teamed up with Saber Astronautics Australia fixed that problem. They optimized a heavy, strong stout that would resist astronaut taste bud changes and not cause space-retching. It also won an Astronaut taste test in 0g. Seriously… why can I never volunteer for the cool stuff.


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