In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Elm Street Brewfest 2011

The second annual Lauren’s Birthday Brewfest was about three months ago (I’ve been busy! I have a life! God! Stop harassing me!) and BOY did we have a fest. Not only did I try 18 beers I’ve never had before, I also discovered I have a soft spot for lambic beer. I was so scared I almost avoided them all together, but it was the most different and delicious thing I tasted all night.

What a night. Talk about a hell of a lineup. I wish I had a chance to call in to Brewing Network the next day and give them my beer list.

Our Nutritionist host put us through the whirls of what seemed like an endless number of beer choices, also including cheese pairing beside them directly. As a fellow beer aficionado, she pushed us to the edges of our taste comfort zones. My favorites were as follows:

Grimbergen Blonde
Zywick Pilsner
Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen
Peak organic Maple Oat Ale
Red Hook ESB
Fracoise Lambic
Southern Tier Choklat
Dogfishead Red & White

Hopfully we’ll do this again next time around. And hopefully next time I won’t be so late in posting the review for it. And hopefully next time I can get some videos (sick with it). But here’s a neato slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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