In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

The Best. Lenten. Promise. Ever.

We all know beer is delicious. But do you think you could handle 40 days of non-stop drinking?

This man will voluntarily become a bum for 40 days.

One Iowa man thinks he can, and he will choose to show his gutso by drinking nothing but beer during Lent. Now for all my non-Christian friends, Lent is a time during which Christians usually give up something for 40 days, the amount of time my homie J-Christ spent wandering in the desert. It’s represents sacrifice and withstanding temptation. I gave up chocolate. This guy gave up solid food, and at times sobriety.

His name is Jay, and he’s been a brewer at Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, North Carolina. He’s also editor of the The Adams County Free Press, a weekly newspaper in the small town of Corning, Iowa. Jay runs brewvana, an “ideal condition of harmony, beer, and joy,” which sounds like an operation aimed at conditioning the common man to love life and appreciate good beer. No, they’re not hiring, unfortunately.

He’s drinking a special brew called Illuminator Doppelbock. Get this: it’s a homebrew recipe scaled up to be brewed in a full-scale brewery, Rock Bottom Brewery in Des Moines, IO. Doppelbock is a brewing style that goes back to the Paulaner monks of Neudeck ob der Au, where they would spend the 46 days of Lent fasting on a liquid diet that included this beer – Jay’s cheating a bit because he’s also drinking water –  that has about 288 calories per serving. That means to settle his daily recommended 2,000-calorie diet, he has to drink at least 7 beers a day. Not to mention being on a liquid diet, no meat, no greens, no NOTHING. I’m giving 4-1 odds he’ll get dysentery.

That being said, I want to follow his blog and see how it’s going every day. Apparently he’s lost 10 pounds after beefing up 20 before the start of his fast. Maybe he’ll start a new beer-diet craze! I’ll hop on that bandwagon.


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