In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Some straight vacation beer lovin

I know it’s been a bit before I’ve had a post, but I’ve been busy on vacation. It’s too bad, but I’ve had another homebrew batch done, the emptying of my keg for the first time, filling it again, a 60 gallon brew for national Homebrew Day, and other side adventures I haven’t caught up on. But hey, if you were me looking at this weather, you wouldn’t feel like blogging either.

While I was here, I went to the local Marco island brewery. What a beer list! Obviously a rare treat in such a touristy area, they had a two-page craft beer list including Southern Tier, Clown Shoes, Victory, Loose Cannon, Brekeneidge, Left Hand, Magic Hat, and about 15 other breweries represented there. Amazing.

Though it was nice to see craft gaining popularity in Florida, a notoriously low craft state, I stuck with the pub-brewed beers. Mom got a sampler (rare) and I was able to taste their pilsner, Belgian white, and red ale. All relatively simple and well done, the exact kind of beers to down on a hot afternoon.

The assistant brewer Dustin and the head brewer John showed me their setup, which was simple and effective – 5 primaries at a barrel apiece, and they served carbonated directly from those vessels. Carbonation was pumped directly into the fermenters, and once they emptied they were cleaned in-place. All water pumped to the beer was treated through a charcoal filter or reverse osmosis before being used, since Florida water was very chlorinated and bad for beer.

Great trip either way, and it was worth it to see mom make a face when she tried Southern Tier 2x.

Catch you later from Paradise!



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