In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Boston is “one of the best beer cities in the United States.” Thanks, New York Daily News!

As if Bostonians had anything else they need to be proud of their city for.  Besides Titletown status, the Dirty Watah, Cheers, baked beans, Doachestah and Havahd Yahd, bubblahs, and the one of the largest craft beer producers in the world (Sam Adams), the polls are in that Boston is the 2nd best Beer city in America.

I know, isn’t that funny, Mr. Koch? I can’t believe we got beat by Seattle.

Let’s quote the article, shall we?

[…]That’s the verdict from Travel + Leisure readers, who voted on the best cities in America for finding an excellent microbrew. In this year’s America’s Favorite Cities survey, T+L readers ranked 35 cities on things like great restaurants and lively bar scenes. And some of the winners in that bar category—New York City, Las Vegas, and Miami—couldn’t crack the top 20 for good-tasting beer.[…]
[…]Good ol’ Sam Adams can take some credit for Boston’s Top 10 beer showing, but perhaps so can fictional Cheers, and memories of Cliff and Norm sitting at the bar. Beer enthusiasts can take tours at the Sam Adams brewery or go to Southie and check out the beloved Harpoon Brewery[…]
But see here, they forgot that Boston, home to the annual American Craft Beer Festival, is also the center of a very vibrant and creative New England craft beer industry. Want to take a tour of some of the best breweries around the area? Check out this blog, this post by the BA’s Alstrom Brothers, or this comprehensive list.
Be proud, Red Sox Nation. We’re not all the hooligans they think we are.


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