In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

A little more info on Obama’s “Beer Summit” I hadn’t stumbled upon until now…

Needless to say, the “Beer Summit” held by President Obama was one of the most publicized PR events he has had during his campaign. We also know that Obama likes his craft brew, and has even been the first Prez to homebrew in the White House. But the picture of Obama’s beer consumption gets a little fuzzy with his this recent info I read from ABC news:

[…] When President Obama held his teachable moment on the White House lawn, popularly called the “beer summit,” with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Cambridge, Mass., police Sgt. James Crowley and Vice President Joe Biden; two of the four beers served were craft brews: Samuel Adams and Blue Moon. President Obama had a Bud Light and the Vice President had a non-alcoholic Buckler.

The president’s choice of Bud Light was likely a smart PR move, as Bud Light is the American made beer with the number one market share and the whole world was watching.

However, in June 2010, Obama bet British Prime Minister David Cameron a case of 312 Urban Wheat Ale that the United States soccer team would beat England in the World Cup.

The game ended in a tie, so both leaders paid off their debts.

So you have a president dead set on stimulating the economy promoting his hometown brew, which is then purchased by the world’s largest brewer. Then, said brewer begins buying up area codes.

It’s a safe bet we’ll need to revisit this story in the future.

Now I could go the route of “BL swill,” but I’d rather note the fact of the Prez for stepping into the corporate world for the sake of publication and doing his duty to the MacroBrew Giants; in his own personal wagers, he’d rather have some delicious Goose Island brew. But at the same time, InBev bought out GI earlier this year… I smell a presidential-scale beer conspiracy aimed at Obama wanting to drink his 312 while appeasing his corporate fatcats.

Well-played, Mr. Obama, well-played.


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