In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Low alcohol beers are tougher to brew? Wait…

This article by the Boston Globe sparked my interest. As the article states, a lot of attention has been put lately on high-alcohol monster brews. The higher the ABV, the more Beer-Points you get for drinking them. This is all well and good, but there’s a quote from the middle of the write-up that makes my homebrewing adventures seem a little sad:

Lower-alcohol ales are what separate excellent brewers from fair ones: A mediocre beer can be disguised by its high alcohol content. A lousy 5 percent beer reveals itself.

Does this mean I’m not stepping up to the challenge of session beers? All of my brews rest around 6%-7% ABV. I’ve only made a few, granted, but are session brews the way to go? I’ve heard from multiple homebrew sources that session brews are great for having around the house because they’re cheap (less material = less $$), drinkable, and usually lighter than your other, more inventive beers. This isn’t to say that session beers can’t be inventive – but having a light easy option that you can practice making over and over again sounds like a great habit to get into.

I’d like to explore some session beers, especially since now that I have birthday cash (July 14th, everybody!) I will be purchasing some used pin-lock Corneliui. With more kegs, I’ll be able to brew more, and possibly keep one of these session beers on tap at all times. Nothing is worse than running out of homebrew in a time of need.

This also comes with a necessary alteration to my keg fridge – multiple tap lines instead of single – that may be costly. But, whoever said that it wouldn’t be money well-spent. If this happens, I assure you that you’ll hear about it.


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