In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

CA Homebrewer gets his break

Here’s proof that you, too, can someday become a famous beer brewer. You only have to be a ridiculous homebrewer and brew a ton of beer and make great custom recipes.

As cool as it would be to be in their (Jason Fields & Kevin Sheppard) shoes, wouldn’t that be against the grain of what homebrewing spirit is all about? I mean, of course every homebrewer has eyes for opening his own brewery producing tons of beer and becoming the most popular guy in town. But it’s just like how I played baseball when I was 16 and thought I was going to be the next Victor Martinez (I was a catcher).

Is this just a novelty thing for these homebrewers? Or is the Pro in the Pro/Am beer competition going to snag his recipe and use it on his own? If I was in their position, I would herald this as a calling to quit the day job and start a brewpub. They’re obviously very good at brewing beer – why waste that talent?

The one real shining point comes from John Trogner, the head brewer at Tröegs that shared the collaboration:

“Collaboration beers are a big part of showing what our industry is about,” concludes John. “And it’s a lot like homebrewing: you think up an idea, invite your friends over, and brew it. There aren’t many other industries that can work that way, and I think it says a lot about what we do.”

That makes us (me and you, my homebrew readers) part of the industry too. Albeit we’re the Little League to the industry’s Major League Baseball, but every once in a while a guy from a small town can get called up to the big leagues… and that small guy can be most anyone. Dream on, and brew on.


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