In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Summit Brewing in MN making my heart all warm and fuzzy-like. Daawww…

Sam Doniach was all smiles when he looked at the pour of Honeymoon Saison. (care of

In bigger breweries, the brewmaster is an overseer and the day-to-day task of making beer falls to the brewers. With the Unchained series, Summit has given each brewer control of a new beer from recipe to launch, prepared in a limited batch. This is rare in the world of brewing. To the brewers, it’s an expression of the faith that Summit founder Mark Stutrud has in them.

A recent guest article from Michael Agnew (certified cicerone) highlighted the Unchained series from Summit Brewing. The especially highlighted brew was Honeymoon Saison, a beer which brewer Sam Doniach had the chance to create in honor of his upcoming wedding. The Unchained series lets the brewers, rather than the head brewmaster, formulate a recipe and oversee the process from birth to bottle. If only I could get some over here…

This is what I love to see. A brewery run in a fashion of democracy for the sake of loving and creating beers. You won’t find this kind of close-to-home strategy in the macrobrew world. It’s the kind of homebrewer spirit that eminantes through the craft brew world, with nice little storylines behind every bottle you drink. No, that’s not a tear in my eye! It’s just dusty in here.

Honeymoon Saison from Summit Brewing Company


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