In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

A few reasons why it’s bad to update your beer blog infrequently

(insert obligatory “sorry I haven’t posted”)

In general, way too much has happened to rightfully give space to all of it. I’ll summarize and then work off this list.

The bad stuff:

  • In the process of moving, I broke my already broken keg fridge. Protip: don’t chip ice off the freezer with a sharp object if the only cooling coils reside in the fridge.
  • I had to ditch 4.5 gallons of Weizg Weizenbock, after a) removing it from the primary fermenter too soon, and b) recognizing a bacterial infection confirmed by a strong smell of urinal cake from the keg. This means I need to sanitize the crap out of my kegging equipment before using it again, which won’t be any time soon since I don’t have a fridge… doh.

The good stuff:

  • I visited Heavy Seas Brewery, my favorite mid-atlantic brewery, where I heard the head brewer tour and talk about his beers, his pirate ways, and why it’s ok to store beer on its side.
  • I’ve had lots of pumpkin beers, and will make comparisons between them all to help you decide which pumpkin beer is fit to celebrate fall in your own way.
  • I’ve reviewed a few canned craft brews!
  • I put in another recipe, an Oktoberfest Märzen, which is now conditioning in a secondary fermenter.
  • I’m planning a Maple Amber recipe, which will go in this coming week.
  • I’m gearing up for a few festivals, including the MA brewer showcase that is Ryan and Casey Brewfest in Greenfield, MA.

…alongside other things both good and bad. I’ll try and elaborate accordingly!


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