In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Insight into my obsession with barrel-aged beers

If you haven’t tried a barrel-aged beer like Innis & Gunn, you’re truly missing out. Complexity, oaky flavors, rum spiciness, or whiskey sweetness… whichever way you like it, it’s there for the tasting. Here’s a little article about this growing trend in craft beer and why it’s so freaking awesome.

H’okay, so I’ve been doing a lot with beer and homebrewing lately:

  • My first all-grain batch of beer, using a BIAB system, for a Celebration Pale Ale redux
  • Researching recipes for a rye summer beer
  • Joining the Somerville Brewing Company as a Slumbassador
  • Submitting 3 entries to my homebrew club’s competition (May 19th!)

More lengthy updates coming soon.


Some serious research for my upcoming tasting/pouring events.


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