In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

OneBoston Collaboration Beer Release – 100% Charitable and Homebrew Recipe

A press release by Todd Alström on Beer Advocate this afternoon announced the release of a collaboration beer by Boston-based Trillium Brewing Company and The Publick House named, “OneBoston.” The sales of the beer will 100% go towards the One Fund Boston.

This is just the latest great example of the efforts put on by my people of Boston to support their fellow man. There have been other humbling craft beer One Fund events as well, like the Jack’s Abbey’s One Fund Fundraiser, where GC’s to the Craft Beer Cellar as well as rare beers donated from MA breweries were raffled off. But this particular beer release brightly stands out in my mind.

Firstly, Trillium is a relatively new craft brewery in Boston. It’s first real groundbreaking efforts have been documented in November of 2009 on it’s blog page. It only has two recurring beers in its commercial pedigree, Fort Point IPA and Trillium Farmhouse Ale. Within the city limits, it’s the definition of a bursting, burgeoning craft beer scene in Boston; it’s a prime example of the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that Bostonians have come to expect – just ask any biotech, medical, or startup company in the area. For this particular brewery to release a beer commemorating all the positive things that developed in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings  gives me a strong sense of pride. It’s the craft beer embodiment of the people’s spirited response: we will not live our lives in terror, but continue to grow, prosper, and create in every way that we know how, as if these bombers had never existed.

Secondly, the thought that went into the beer itself is staggering. The beer is an American IPA, an undeniably American style; it is brewed with local MA malted rye and crystal oats from Hadley, MA; 100% of the proceeds are going to the One Fund. You read that correctly, 100% of the proceeds. There’s no $1 per pint sold here. Although, they will donate an extra $1 per pint sold at the release party on June 5th. I will most certainly be there to support this effort and buy some of this beer. They’re doing the right thing by donating every penny earned while selling this beer tied to the One Fund, instead of riding the coattails of charitable fellows like myself who also like beer.

And, best of all, they released the recipe for the beer. I’m not sure if this was by accident or by design, but the brew-day pictures include a full-length recipe bill, complete with Target OG and IBUs. It’s posted below, in full-batch form and in 5.5 gallon batch form.

I made some calculation adjustments to scale down. It’s assumed that a full-scale batch had a hop utilization of 100%, where it’s a common assumption that 5-gallon homebrew scale has an actual higher utilization of hop oil, at 120%, using a full-volume boil (boiling all 5 gallons of wort). That being said, my system only boils 3 of 5 gallons, so I had to back calculate my actual utilization, which ended at 72%. The resulting hop bill has higher quantities than the original scale-down. I used Brewtarget to assess my numbers.

If anyone makes the beer (other than myself) please let me know and follow up!

Target SG: 1.077      Target OG: 1.019   ABV: 7.62%   SRM: 9.9   IBU: 48-50
Ingredient Full-size batch Homebrew Scale(15.5lb grain bill) Utilization correction Unit Time/Direction Contribution
2 Row Pale malt US 700 13.56 13.6 lbs Mash 150F for 75min 87.50%
Malted Oats 50 0.97 1.0 lbs 6.25%
Valley Crystal Oats 60L 50 0.97 1.0 lbs 6.25%
Columbus/Tomahawk 3 0.93 1.3 oz 60 min 48 IBU
Chinook 3 0.93 1.3 oz 0 min 0 IBU
Columbus/Tomahawk 3 0.93 1.3 oz 0 min 0 IBU
Falconer’s Flight 3 0.93 1.3 oz 0 min 0 IBU
Falconer’s Flight 11 3.41 3.4 oz Dry Hop 5d 0 IBU
Chinook 3 0.93 0.9 oz Dry Hop 5d 0 IBU

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