In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

New Equipment and Plum Hazelnut Brown

Wow, when I finally get back to homebrewing it’s apparently in a big effing way.

I had some great times these past two weekends homebrew-wise. I made some serious upgrades to my setup(and thusly improved my extraction to 88%!) and brewed the base beer for a recipe that’s been kicking around in my head for some time now. On top of that, yesterday was the first great weekend day to brew outside in about 6 months. couldn’t have gotten better!


First I spent last weekend building a PVC mash tun manifold AND a PVC sparge rig. I chose PVC over something like copper because it would be much easier to clean, cheaper to make, and less costly if I made a mistake on the designs (which I was just sort of winging).

The manifold was based off of the idea of a rectangular copper manifold fit for an igloo tun like mine, but I had to modify it to deal with the low-set hole in the cooler where the ball valve exited. I could barely get the 1/2″ piping underneath it. After a few iterations and water tests, I came up with the following design.

Releasethekrausen Manifold

Sorry about the watermark, but this be the internet.

It flowed really well, without any tilting or manipulation of Big Blue himself. I was very happy with it, and am willing to share plans with whomever would like, just message me.

The sparge rig went through an extra iteration because I realized the placing the “reservoir (my water funnel) on one side of the rig would cause some uneven flow. So after moving it into the middle and adding a few more drill holes (1/8”) it flowed very well as well.

Releasethekrausen Sparge Rig

I’ll update all my notes for the brewday on a recipe page above, but I’ll mention that the only thing wrong with my brewday was my stuck chiller. I My first time using a counterflow and I’ve NO idea how to unstick it. I might have to degen to the copper immersion coil for a bit while I get my hands dirty trying to dissemble it. Good effing luck to me.



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