In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.


OneBoston Collaboration Beer Release – 100% Charitable and Homebrew Recipe

A press release by Todd Alström on Beer Advocate this afternoon announced the release of a collaboration beer by Boston-based Trillium Brewing Company and The Publick House named, “OneBoston.” The sales of the beer will 100% go towards the One Fund Boston.




Go to your next meeting… beer in hand.

Get this in my office yesterday.

Accompanied by totally legitimate reasons, this piece gives desk jockeys something to bring up at their next department meeting. The idea doesn’t sound half bad. Now, if someone could just tell the distribution guys to stop stealing all the empty kegs…

Brewers Association: Craft Beer Filling More Pints in 2012

Awesome news from the Brewers Association (BA) released recently.

In a year when the total U.S. beer market grew by one percent, craft brewers saw a 15 percent rise in volume2 and a 17 percent increase in dollar growth, representing a total barrel increase of almost 1.8 million.

The infographic below will give you some more picturesque info. All you need to know is that craft is still exploding, and that we continue to be in the era for beer in HISTORY. Go out and buy something new you haven’t tried today, your liver will thank you (especially since you probably overloaded it with green beers this weekend).

Wicked Awesome Infographic – What’s a Craft Brewery?

Here’s a little quick FYI from a cool lil’ blog called infographic list showing the the names that people give breweries, in terms of size, and what the differences are between them all. At last, clarity! Woot.



Usually online gaming goes better when sober…

…but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

 The Arkeg is an arcade gaming machine that has a built-in cupboard below it that will house a five gallon keg of your favorite brew! Just like pretty much all beers that you get on tap, the beer that comes out of the tap on the side of the machine will be cooled by a CO2 draft system, thus ensuring the gamer and their friends a nice cold mug of beer.

Motor skills not guaranteed during use.

The perfect christmas present for any Pacman homebrew enthusiast? I think so.

Horrible Beer Ideas 2012

We’re all looking for the next big thing in beer, whether it be style, flavors, or packaging, to come along and try to coerce us into giving somebody else our hard-earned cashola. And while I happily hand mine over to many vendors and purveyors of malty hoppy treats, here’s a few ideas that, in my opinion, make me turn the other cheek. (more…)

What Will You Come Up With Under the Influence? Beer and the Do-It-Yourself Revolution

I’ve just finished reading this article (catching up on beer reading, it’s been a busy few months!) written by an assistant research professor Arizona State University. The author has a very poignant point of view about the homebrewing hobby, beer experimentation, and the craft beer explosion in general:

The oldest persisting food purity law in the world is the German Rheinheitsgebot… While this law ensured the quality, tradition, and purity of beer in Germany, it also stifled experimentation and innovation by prohibiting brewers from testing other ingredients. The Belgian monks, by contrast, were free to develop complex and innovative beer styles during the last few centuries by adding fruits, spices, wild yeast and bacteria, and other cereal grains, like wheat, to their ales. This experimental spirit has been embraced by today’s do-it-yourself home brewers and craft brewers in the United States, which is currently regarded as the most innovative and exciting country for craft beer.

“Beer goggles” are considered a terrible thing, especially on college campuses. But I believe beer is the perfect lens through which to examine innovation(more…)

I won I won I won!

Thanks to Pintley (and my regular beer reviews on their awesome mobile app) I just won their GRAND prize of free craft beer for a year. Rejoice! And if you’re a friend of mine, rejoice too! I wonder what I’ll get first…


Do your part, and sign the anti-SOPA/PIPA petitions.


This may not be the most read beer blog on the web, and it may not be the most informative. But I like it – and I hope you like it too – enough to stand up for it.

Passing bills like SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect our IP Act) into law would be laying the framework for catastrophic censorship and unlawful blackouts of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and blogs like this one.

Please, do your part and sign the anti-SOPA/PIPA petition here.

If you have time, check out Wikipedia’s blackout page for information on the bills and contact information you can use to contact your senators and representatives.

You can also read the statement from the Electronic Frontier Foundation about the bills and why they would create chaos in the internet environment.

Ben Franklin FTW

Today’s Ben Franklin’s birthday! Hooray! And what a smart fellow he was. guess what we’ve collected from him? A list of over 200 phrases that mean “drunk!” He didn’t make them up – he got them from 1730’s tavern-dwellers… why can’t we be so creative?

Enjoy celebrating his birthday tonight in whatever way you see fit. Cheerio! More homebrew adventures coming soon. We brewed a double batch yesterday and they’re working hard in the fermenters! (more…)