In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.


OneBoston Collaboration Beer Release – 100% Charitable and Homebrew Recipe

A press release by Todd Alström on Beer Advocate this afternoon announced the release of a collaboration beer by Boston-based Trillium Brewing Company and The Publick House named, “OneBoston.” The sales of the beer will 100% go towards the One Fund Boston.

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Yea, and ye olde gods of diverse origin got DRUNK. Like, all the time.

Yea, and ye olde gods of diverse origin god DRUNK. Like, all the time.

Bro, does your god even drink?

Side note: pretty much going to make all of these into homebrew names. DON’T STEAL ‘EM.


Go to your next meeting… beer in hand.

Get this in my office yesterday.

Accompanied by totally legitimate reasons, this piece gives desk jockeys something to bring up at their next department meeting. The idea doesn’t sound half bad. Now, if someone could just tell the distribution guys to stop stealing all the empty kegs…

Brewers Association: Craft Beer Filling More Pints in 2012

Awesome news from the Brewers Association (BA) released recently.

In a year when the total U.S. beer market grew by one percent, craft brewers saw a 15 percent rise in volume2 and a 17 percent increase in dollar growth, representing a total barrel increase of almost 1.8 million.

The infographic below will give you some more picturesque info. All you need to know is that craft is still exploding, and that we continue to be in the era for beer in HISTORY. Go out and buy something new you haven’t tried today, your liver will thank you (especially since you probably overloaded it with green beers this weekend).

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Recipe

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone

Just tossing in an extract kit today that I’ve had for a few weeks, and I want to make sure that I use the White Labs yeast I have before it “expires.” This will definitely be a celebration beer (no Sierra Nevada pun intended) – I’m about halfway through going through a no-grain, no-dairy, no-sugar, no-processed diet challenge with the Crossfit box I’m part of. 15 days without beer has been no fun. But this will make me appreciate my beer more, won’t it? Right?

  • 4oz Crystal 40
  • 6.5# Briess Light DME
  • 1oz Nugget (60 min)
  • 1/2oz Pearle (15 min)
  • 1 tsp irish moss (15 min)
  • 1oz Cascade (1 min)
  • 1/2oz Cascade (dry hop)
  • Yeast: White Labs WLP051 – California V Ale

BABES in Boston: Off-Flavors Education for the Masses

What kind of fellow, in his right mind, would pay a local club good American dollars to drink bad-tasting beer? The kind of fellow that has had his fair share of home-brew shortcomings, and would like to learn more about what certain flavors mean in a beer. I had the opportunity to drink some Siebel Institute samples with the BABES club – Boston Area Beer Enthusiast Society.

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A teensy bit of notoriety

I know it’s not that big a deal, since I’ve been doing this for about 2 years now, but LOOK I’M ON A SWEET LIST OF NORTH AMERICAN BEER BLOGS. jealous?

In other words, I’m considering attending this blogger’s conference under the impression that it would be a heck of a swell time.


Poll: Boston Globe’s Best Boston Beer Bars… Bippity Boo

Because alliteration is the key to a great blog title, amirite?!

Seriously, this list is pretty spot-on. The author who threw down on the research for this piece was a) one lucky freelancer and b) pretty much knew his stuff. Take a look at the list and see which hangouts you’ve populated at one point or another, or find out some new adventure to go on.

There are some spots I’d love to try here. Lower Depths is right around the corner from Fenway, which makes a great alternative to the Cask & Flagon crowd-push pregame. On the other hand, Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale sounds like somewhere I’d take a special lady who’s into brew (trust me gentlemen, get yourself a gal who knows her beer).

What’s your favorite inebriation station? Poll below or comment to add it when it’s not there. Who knows, you’ll probably find your new weekend destination here. To think that I could do that for you! Amazing.


MY Thanksgiving beer selection


Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale – Mayflower Brewing, Plymouth, MA – English-style Old Ale aged on toasted American oak

Tripel Karmeliet – Brouwerij Bosteels, Buggenhout, Belgium – Belgian Tripel

Smashed Pumpkin – Shipyard Brewing, Portland, MA – Pumpkin Ale

Innis & Gunn Original – Innis & Gunn, Scotland – Scottish Ale aged in oak barrels

In a word: gimme.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


Just a little drink for thought…

A proper fall celebratory beer, in a badass glass.

Make sure you’re thoroughly sure this weekend. Cheers!

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