In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Grafton Battlecat Mead

Brew Date: 10/21/12

Final Picture:

Bottling wand at work... magical!

Battlecat Mead


  • 1.2 gallons Grafton Backyard Honey
  • 8 oz Grafton Backyard Honey (for late supplementation)
  • 2pks wine yeast
  • Fermax & Yeast Nutrient


  1. Warm 3 gallons of water to 100F. Dissolve all honey in the kettle.
  2. Raise to a temperature of 120F. Hold for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat. Empty into carboys with cold water pre-filled to make 8 gallons. Use a funnel to encourage oxygenation.
  4. At pitching temperatures, add 1 tbs each of Fermax and Yeast Nutrient to each carboy. Pitch one packet per carboy.
  5. At 24h after inoculation, add 1/2 tbs each Fermax and Yeast Nutrient to each carboy.
  6. No later than 48h post-inoculation, supplement each carboy with 1c honey in 1c water (ideally following steps 1-2 again).
  7. AFter 48h houney addition, add 1/2 tbs each Fermax and Yeast Nutrient to each carboy.
  8. Ferment for 1 month, then rack to secondary.
  9. Cellar for 6 months, then bottle.

Primary Date: 10/21/12
Secondary Date: 01/7/13
Package Date: 05/23/13
Package Type: 750mL wine bottles with #9 cork
OG: 1.110 (Back Calculated from initial gravity readings of 1.080 and 1.067, plus supplementation, assumed equal blending upon bottling)
Fermentation Temp: 66-67 F
FG: 1.008 (Both carboys ended here)
Final ABV: 14.7



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