In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Hamilton Hard Cider

Brew Date: 11/30/11

Final Picture:


  • 3gal Hamilton Orchards Pasturized apple cider
  • Nottingham Dry Ale Yeast


  1. Clean and sanitize all tools + materials.
  2. Take the cider out of the fridge and allow it to come to RT – expect some jug expansion.
  3. Through a sanitized funnel, pour all cider into a 3gal carboy.
  4. Rehydrate the dry yeast with 1c of warm water (~70F).
  5. Pitch the warm slurry of yeast into the carboy. Cap with an airlock.

Primary Date: 11/21/11
Package Date:3/12/12
Package Type: Brown bottle
OG: Unknown (didn’t sample)
Fermentation Temp: 62-64 F
FG: 1.002
Final ABV: ???



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