In the pursuit of perfect homebrew, failure still makes beer.

Weizguy Weizenbock

Brew Date: 7/6/11

Brew Partners: ManofSteele

Final Picture:


  • 1.0lb Crystal 40L
  • 0.25lb Carafa I
  • 0.25lb Chocolate Malt
  • 1.5lb DME – Amber
  • 6.6lb DME – Wheat
  • 1.25oz Spalter (4%) pellet 60min
  • 1.0oz Mt. Hood (5%) pellet 5min
  • 1.0oz Mt. Hood (5%) pellet 1min


Partial boil, partial mash recipe

  1. Add 2.5gal warm water to pot. Hydrate grains 10min @~100F.
  2. Ramp temperature to 160F, and rest for 30 minutes.
  3. Bring to full boil, add DME. At boil, add Spalt hops.
  4. At 5 minutes remaining (60 minute boil), add 1.0oz. Mt. Hood hops.
  5. At 1 minute remaining, add 1.0oz Ht. Hood hops.

Primary Date: 7/7/11
Keg/Rack Date: 7/16/11
Package Type: Pin-lock Corny
OG: 1.071
FG: 1.018
Final ABV: 7.2%

Appearance: Dark, chocolate in color with a red-coppery passage when held to light. Very nice head (carbonated at 32psi for 3 days) that pours nicely but dissapates after 10 minutesin the glass. I added gelatin to the keg upon transfer in order to clarify the beer a little, but I don’t think it was enough – probably due to the entrance of the hot-break proteins into the primary fermenter.

Aroma: Hints of herb and grass in the nose.

Taste: Like chewing on a piece of whole-grain bread! This beer is super malty, and has a lot of body to it. A little bitter on the front, but absolutely dominated by malt and graininess in the middle and end. A bit of bitter of the aftertaste.

After a bit if time in the keg, it was time to stop lying to myself and concede defeat to an apparent infection. I’ll brew this one again, because I’m not going to be beaten, dammit.


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