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Nerdsday Thursday: Cavitation, otherwise known as that asshole at a party.

Fun article today on PopSci about the fluid dynamics of that asshole clinking the mouth of your bottled beer at a party. Whether it forces you to chug or clean up later, this trick is funny until it happens to you.

Bottoms Up | Popular Science.


The Only Pair of Sunglasses You’ll Need This Year

Talk about great timing. The summer is freshly upon us after last week’s ridiculous heat wave, and the sun takes no prisoners when it comes to its harsh UV spectrum rays and dry, parching heat. What better way to beat the heat than with a cold beer? And what better way to protect your eyes than to wear awesome titanium sunglasses? Thankfully, one noble man has shown me that you can have both at the same time, all the while being an absolute boss.

Skip Chapington, a humble, debonair, ascot-sporting gentleman, touts the JackHawk 9000s as the greatest invention in the past 100,000 years. Liquid Shades, the company behind the beer-opener sunglasses, put together a 2 minute spot where Skip shows you the hilarious and practical ways in which you can use the JackHawk 9000s to improve every aspect of your life.

But do they work?

Well, considering that the arms are made out of titanium you can be pretty confident that they can handle a six-pack…and enemy fire. The company was launched by a team of twenty-somethings and you can help support them by visiting their Kickstarter Campaign where they’re raising money to cover manufacturing costs.

If there was any sunglass Kickstarter to support, it’s this one. Not to mention that you can easily pay over $100 for a nice pair of shades, much less titanium ones, while these specs come at $90 a pop with a big old thank you.

Mom and Dad, You’re welcome for the birthday present idea. Just kidding! Unless you’ll really do it.