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Some Homebrewing Updates.

So I’ve had several homebrewing projects going on behind the scenes here at Bono Brew, and I just wanted to update because this IS, after all, a homebrewing blog and I haven’t been doing much blogging about homebrewing. Go figure. Whatevs. (more…)


A mean green mead-making machine… oh, and cider.

Cover PhotoOne of my latest ventures since changing locales back to the old homebrewery has been the pursuit of other things seasonal. For quite a while I’ve been interested in delving into mead, or honey-wine, since it trades very little effort on the hot side (prep) for a lot of patience on the cold side (waiting for the mead to be ready). Like wines, meads need only a little bit more yeast-centric attention than beer for full attenuation and proper fermentation, and they will only get better with age, so it seems like the perfect weekend project to, as Ron Popeil says, “Set It and Forget It!”