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Blending Beers with Style

I came across some interesting trivia about a perennial favorite beer of mine, always a good choice when there’s nothing of interest nearby: Guinness Irish Stout. Yes, of course, it makes for a great St. Paddy’s day overindulgence, but it is, quite simply, the best and most widely known example of the style and is quite an interesting beer. The consumption of some Guinness the other night prompted the consumption of a very interesting fact/legend (since I couldn’t find a Guinness-direct reference, there is no official recipe posted by the brewery): brewers extract about 3% of the mash, SOUR that beer, then add it back to the secondary fermenter after boiling it for sterility. This gives that black heady treat a signature “tang,” non-reproducible by those unaware of this uncommon style component. After repeated confirmation of this tang, I wanted to dive a little deeper into the history of Irish stout and other beers that are blended for stylistic reasons.



I’ve got that Slumbrew Millionaire Feeling

So as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve most recently become a Slumbassador. This moniker refers to the amicable members of the Slumbrew street team, who run your Slumbrew beer tastings and generally are delightfully quirky. Look for our patches and our happy demeanor all around the city, and even all over the NE region.

But, I’ll be honest in saying that while having all of the beers a few times before my first tasting assignment, I never really wrote down any notes. So, in an effort to bring the beer to more audiences and to help my own tasting perceptions, I sat down with a few friends and went through their current (but ever-changing) lineup of commercially produced beers.