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Guest Recap of the Drink Craft Beer Fall-to-Winterfest

Guest Recap of the Drink Craft Beer Fall-to-Winterfest

I got asked by a fellow blogger BrewEngland to attend and review one of my favorite festivals of the year – how lucky am I?! Check it out for some info. Also get on the list for DrinkCraftBeer’s other awesome events in the future.


Poll: Boston Globe’s Best Boston Beer Bars… Bippity Boo

Because alliteration is the key to a great blog title, amirite?!

Seriously, this list is pretty spot-on. The author who threw down on the research for this piece was a) one lucky freelancer and b) pretty much knew his stuff. Take a look at the list and see which hangouts you’ve populated at one point or another, or find out some new adventure to go on.

There are some spots I’d love to try here. Lower Depths is right around the corner from Fenway, which makes a great alternative to the Cask & Flagon crowd-push pregame. On the other hand, Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale sounds like somewhere I’d take a special lady who’s into brew (trust me gentlemen, get yourself a gal who knows her beer).

What’s your favorite inebriation station? Poll below or comment to add it when it’s not there. Who knows, you’ll probably find your new weekend destination here. To think that I could do that for you! Amazing.

Oh My Gah, It’s Been a Year Already. Decadance Aged Homebrew Review

So back in January I brewed a Chocolate Oalmeal Stout that I wasn’t particularly proud of. Reading about it here, I got some dirty astringency and other “green” flavors I wasn’t too proud of. Then again, it was only my 4th-ish batch of beer, and mistakes are usually going to happen in the early stages of learning to brew, hence the learning part. I didn’t think I was a good homebrewer. Much to my spritely young homebrewer-mind’s dismay, the only action I could take to salvage the beer was to… wait. Age it, my all-knowing beer club said, and all will come to pass.

I hated the idea! I wanted my stout to be delicious NOW! But I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. I socked it into my beer/liquor cabinet where it waited patiently. I forgot about it while I made more successful beers, and made a few more mistakes. The more I learned, the more I hoped that I could someday seek retribution from the hopefully-merciful god of fermentation and receive, in the wake of my newfound respect for beer, a miracle for the stout.

The waiting game was finally played out when Thanksgiving rolled around this year. I was looking for a delicious, warming beer to complement my impending after-turkey coma, when it hit me – I still had homebrew in the closet! Aged homebrew, the most coveted of all homebrew! On the day of giving thanks, the moment I opened the bottle cap my feelings of nervous excitement came to a point. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Nectar of the chocolate-loving gods.

I tweeted my delight after sipping the first trappings of this truly decadent homebrew:

I was in heaven. My wish was granted. My beer had bettered ridiculously with age! The added Belgian Chocolate ingredients finally came through with a silky texture and dark chocolate taste that was complimented, surprisingly, by a citrus flavor. It reminded me of something you’d find in a Ghiradelli chocolate bowl at your grandma’s house. It finished with an amazing roasted malt and coffee flavor, which lingered until your next sip. It was a beer I could submerge myself in.

So lesson learned: sometimes patience is the most important ingredient in homebrewing.